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Created on:2019-06-13 17:54:41

To build and grow a business, it’s important that the business has a branding identity that is an extension of its core business nature. Such an identity should also in effect powerfully project your business’s core values, goals and objectives, in a way that acts as the catalyst sparking positive emotions and feelings among the target-audience

Now, what exactly is a BRAND IDENTITY?

While a BRAND is a sum-total of the experiences that existing and prospective consumers have with a company, a BRANDING IDENTITY communicates what the company does and how it is done, in a way that builds-up trust and credibility with the existing and prospective consumers.

Such a BRANDING IDENTITY should be effective enough to sustain over a decent period of time and also stay as a vital critical component that conveys the tone and voice that needs to be, cultivate the right audience, garner the right business and above all, grow the right way.
To build a unique brand identity, you need a unique Logo design with a science and art that is truly unique. Without it, it’s not possible to develop an identity and grow your business. Though it sounds simple, it is in fact riddled with complexities. This is where, the expert guidance of an effective source with the ability to read the pulse of the market and understand the fickle nature of market-trends, is badly required.
Graphixtron, a leading Graphic Designing Company in Hyderabad, knows exactly what design aesthetics your Logo requires to send across the right message to the audience that will bring coax them to be a part of your business growth story.
To understand the inherent importance of establishing a brand identity, it’s essential to know what factors influence it.

  • UNDERSTAND BUSINESS MODEL: To figure out the right brand identity, commensurate with the nature of your business, its first important to understand what your business-model is and how to make it work. Once that is done, it becomes easier to think of a brand identity that truly encapsulates what your business stands for, its purpose, mission and objectives. Such a brand identity will project the right look, feel and tone of your company in the form of a Logo design, conveying a sense of how the audience perceive your business. 
  • ANALYSE & REFINE BRAND IDENTITY: A brand identity should never be static and inflexible. It should instead continually be of intrinsic value to the consumer. Towards that end, the brand-identity needs to be flexible, change with evolving trends so as to stay relevant and competitive. Such a brand identity should also be analysed and refined from time-to-time to make sure that it truly stands for what the company promises to deliver what the consumers want. 
  • PROJECT CREATIVE ELEMENTS: To create a unique selling proposition that appeals to your consumers, the brand identity should be infused with the right creative elements that conveys the look, feel and voice of your brand and above all, highlight your company’s brand-value, communicating your brand’s message consistently across all marketing channels.


95% of all purchasing decisions are made sub-consciously. That is why it’s imperative for brands to have a brand identity that generates a profound positive first-impression. To give a strong thrust to your brand identity, make sure that it sends across the right first-impression, an impression that develops a sense of loyalty among viewers to your brand during their first purchase or experience.
To generate the right first-impression, it’s vital that your BRANDING IDENTITY should imbibe the right elements that are:

  • Meaningful communicating the right message in-sync with the viewer’s aspirations.
  • Likeable, pleasing and pleasant to the eyes, leaving a positive impact.
  • Adaptable in the sense, that it works across geographical boundaries, market segments and devices without getting constrained in any manner.
  • Long-lasting whilst being flexible. It should stand the passage of time and the fickle nature of market trends and people’s tastes.
  • Original without in any way bearing a semblance of commonality with any other brand identity. This way, it can avoid legal and trademark issues.

A company’s logo, design, shape and colour scheme, are all essential elements of a compelling BRAND IDENTITY, providing for a visual experience that synchronises with the aspirations and expectations of consumers.

For a BRAND IDENTITY that is an expression of your business at its core and establishes your unique value proposition, you can count on Graphixtron, a leading Graphic Designing Company in Hyderabad, to create the perfect Logo design that will also foster connection between your brand and your consumers.

Known for proficient Logo designing services in Hyderabad, Graphixtron is well-positioned to produce the perfect brand identity that is distinctive with all of the emotionally driven elements that connects people to your brand and resonates with their tastes and preferences.

To stay relevant consistently, a BRANDING IDENTITY should speak from a platform of strength and confidence, with the perfect tone and balance, consistent across a broad spectrum of media application scenarios.